On Direnotes and the Compilation...

Direnotes is, or was, the pet project of Keith H. - who, whilst dealing with a multitude of personal issues, used it as a way to connect with the music he loved and as a avenue in which to deal with his depression.

Now, nothing terrible happened to Keith, he's still alive and breathing (he even had a stint with streaming games online). However, at the point of developing a compilation in memory of his brother, a multitude of issues cropped up. Firstly, him and his wife had been struggling with financial issues, and found that their utilities were shut down. Walking home, he'd been shot at, and developed a fear of leaving the house, agoraphobia. The compilation itself had him in contact with family members who thought that it was some sort of lucrative project, and felt that they needed to have some stake in it (despite the little money he expected to make being promised to charity). And, atop all of that, memories of his brother had been drudged up - leading to his mental condition worsening.

Now, I don't blame him for this. He has asked me, if the artists involved wish it, to post the finished compilation on Bandcamp. Of course, the money made will still be given to charity and any mentions or arrangements made during its development will be honored.

Otherwise, me - Leatis Brooks, will be taking over the site and continuing to review whatever material is sent to metalkeith1988@gmail.com! I hope to help grow Direnotes and, in the future, renew the domain.