ANNOUNCEMENT: Tears of Dymphna - Compilation for Suicide Awareness 2016


Hello everyone, I have a very special announcement! We will be releasing a compilation album titled TEARS OF DYMPHNA later this month, a joint effort between Direnotes and many talented bands of many genres around the world. What makes this compilation very special, to me at least, is that it is being created in an effort to combat suicide. All money will be donated to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I've taken the time to write up a rather detailed 'mission statement' of sorts to help everyone understand what exactly it is we are doing:

Abuse, be it emotional, physical, or sexual, is far more rampant than it should be. People of all races, ages, and genders find themselves victims to it nigh daily – be it from strangers on the streets, online, at school, teachers, friends, and parents. Sometimes, the very institutions claiming to help others abuse those seeking aid, seeing those they take in as no more then money. More then often doctors and psychiatrists will prescribe mood altering, highly addictive, drugs in lieu of providing real help – making emotional distress seem more a sickness, a disease, a illness. Because of all this, most are afraid to seek help from their family and friends, even their spouses, in fear of seeming weaker or different in their eyes. They seek alternative means to alleviate their pain, put on faces just to feel or seem normal, while within the problem escalates and fear of everyday interactions manifest. Some are able to hide it better then others, true, but this doesn't make the problem less of a problem – it is still there, be it out in the open or hidden away.
Music is a monumental force, perhaps more then people realize, and capable of inspiring people to do things they once found impossible – including overcoming depression. Though metal is considered a harsher, more negative, genre compared to those more popular and prominent – it dares to touch upon subjects and express emotions that are rarely experienced in radio and television media. Some find this frightening or revealing, but more then often it provides a more honest and truthful experience for the listener. Flatly, people suffering from depression don't want to hear happy songs, they want to relate to what they are hearing – to know that they aren't alone and that someone in the world has been where they've been. Despite the media hype, whereas many have used the genre as a excuse for others actions, we believe that metal is far more capable of good then bad.
With TEARS OF DYMPHNA we want to give people the chance, no matter who or what they think they are, to experience something new in their lives and perhaps discover a new genre, song, artist, or band that can help them through the darker times that life inevitably provides. We've all been there, we'll all be there again, and its nice to have something to escape to. A song does not lie.
As well a 100% of the proceeds from TEARS OF DYMPHNA will be donated to the AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION. There were no crowd-funding goals, no hand-outs, or allusions to fame when putting together this compilation. Every band agreed to let us include their songs so that you might enjoy it, might find your new escape, and to help spread the word – that suicide is not the answer.

TEARS OF DYMPHNA will be released as both a digital album AND a limited 2-Disc Edition.

Featuring the following bands and projects (so far, and in no particular order):

Void Ritual
Khaos of Death
The Hourglass
The Sequence of Prime
A Prophecy Misread
Supreme Verdict
This Present Darkness

More personally, this compilation is specifically made in the memory of Joshua David Ham, who took his life at only 16 years old. Direnotes is a family operation, of sorts, and the few of us who write on here have long lived with the memory of his death. We wanted to do something to prevent others from doing the same as he had.

R.I.P. Josh, you will be missed.